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salon masażu poznań Floating – ultra-relaxing sessions in a sensory deprivation tank.
You are drifting freely in a magnesium-rich Epsom salt solution. You lose the sense of gravity, reduce stress and restore hormonal and metabolic balance of your organism. Your brain goes into a state typical for deep meditation. Your mind tidies the thoughts, distances itself from problems and boosts your creativity. Your body relaxes, the sense of pain goes away, the regeneration processes accelerates.
Lets get rid of stress in the state of weightlessness in the only floating facility in Poznań.
Floating 45 minutes - PLN 150
Floating 60 minutes - PLN 180
Floating 100 minutes - PLN 220
Passes - from PLN 130 per hour

Relaxing massages – the broadest offer of exotic massages and original treatments inspired by travelling in town:

Classic massage - massage intensity can be customised, complete or fragmentary massage performed using distinct classic massage techniques
classic massage 60 minutes - PLN 200
classic massage 90 minutes - PLN 270
classic massage 120 minutes - PLN 350

Hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage - a delicate massage, head omitted, performed with forearms, aromatherapeutic oils with flowery or woody notes are used, the massage is performed with Hawaiian music playing in the background
hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage 60 minutes - PLN 220
hawaiian lomi lomi nui massage 90 minutes - PLN 280

Japanese KOBIDO facial massage - combines elements of deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, relaxation massage, lifting massage and acupressure. The skin after massage regains a youthful appearance, the oval of the face is improved, wrinkles decrease, swelling and bags under the eyes disappear. The massage stimulates cellular metabolism, collagen and elastin production, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, eliminates excessive tension of facial and neck muscles, removes toxins, impurities and dead skin cells.
japanese KOBIDO facial massage 60-70 minutes - PLN 250

Massage with hot stones -calms, warms, improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, warmth relieves pain and symptoms of muscle fatigue, helps to fight cellulite. During the procedure, the masseuse will use up to several dozen smooth, hot basalt stones as an extension of her own hands, performing a relaxing and warming massage, and then place them on the body. For longer massages, semi-precious stones are also used and cold marble stones are used for the facial massage.
massage with hot stones 60 minutes - PLN 230
massage with hot stones 90 minutes - PLN 290

Hot chocolate massage - relaxing body massage, head omitted, additional pressure techniques applied, the massage is performed using hot chocolate with added natural oil
hot chocolate massage 60 minutes- PLN 220
hot chocolate massage 90 minutes- PLN 280

Aromatherapeutic candle massage - a relaxing body massage, head omitted, performed with a candle made of natural ingredients only such as bee wax, shea or cocoa butter, sweet almond or macadamia nuts oil, aromatherapeutic oils, the massage is performed in a candlelit room with African music playing in the background
aromatherapeutic candle massage 60 minutes - PLN 220
aromatherapeutic candle massage 90 minutes - PLN 280

Ayurveda shiroabhyanga massage - head, face, neck and cleavage skin massage with hair oiling, performed with a 100% coconut oil
ayurveda shiroabhyanga massage 30 minutes - PLN 180

Ayurveda padabhyanga massage - feet massage with elements of reflexology, performed with an Ayurveda herb oil
ayurveda padabhyanga massage 45 minutes - PLN 190

Ayurveda abhyanga massage - regenerating body massage – hair oiling on demand, performed with an individually selected natural oil
ayurveda abhyanga massage 90 minutes - PLN 290

Ayurveda abhyanga-udvartana-swedana - the treatments to restore the harmony of body and spirit. After a 1.5h abhyanga massage, we will subject your body to intense mechanical peeling with the use of powdered herbs and grains, recommended by ayurveda. Both the massage and peeling are performed with 100% natural and 100% plant substances, individually selected, depending on your predominant dosha. The massage with the powdered herbs (udvartana) is of therapeutic character - it restores balance, deeply purifies, detoxifies and helps remove cellulite. Swedana, the steam bath, strengthens the functioning of the applied herbs and stimulates your relaxation. At the end, we will serve ayurvedic herbal tea.
ayurveda abhyanga-udvartana-swedana treatments 150 minutes - 390 PLN

Vasco da Gaia relaxing face treatment - original relaxing and care treatment, classic face massage performed with aromatherapeutic natural oils, enzymatic peeling, individually selected Ayurveda mask
Vasco da Gaia relaxing face treatment 40 minutes - PLN 180

Siberian herb treatment - original relaxing treatment comprised of a steam bath in an original Siberian sauna with Siberian herb extracts which have various effects on the body and a classic massage performed using Siberian herb oil (60 minute option - back massage, 90 minute option - body massage)
siberian herb treatment 60 minutes - PLN 190
siberian herb treatment 90 minutes- PLN 270

Honey massage - an intensive and energising massage with detox effects, performed with pure honey in the beginning and then with added natural oil. The massage is preceded by a 20-minute bath in a Siberian sauna (60 minute option - back massage, 90 minute option - body massage)
honey massage 60 minutes - PLN 190
honey massage 90 minutes - PLN 270

Moroccan hammam - relaxing and care treatment consisting of a steam bath in a sauna, black soap peeling using a Kessa glove, a shower and a classical body massage performed with a 100% argan oil. In the end the skin is humidified with rose water. Hammam can be enriched with the application of a mask made of African rhassoul clay on the body.
moroccan hammam 120 minutes - PLN 360
moroccan hammam rhassoul 140 minutes - PLN 390

Regenerating bundles for sporty ones – we offer biological restoration for professionals and amateurs:
floating + sauna + fragmentary sport massage (120 minutes altogether) – PLN 310
floating + sauna + deep tissue massage (150 minutes altogether) - PLN 400

All massage treatments are performed by certified masseuses/physical therapists.
We reward loyal Guests – at Vasco da Gaia, the tenth relaxing hour is free!
We accept credit cards, MyBenefit vouchers and SODEXO coupons.
We encourage you to purchase gift vouchers online or at the reception.

Centrum Relaksu
Vasco da Gaia

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